Dominica 2017


What? 7 days in the beautiful country of Dominica   

 Where?  Fort Young Hotel

When?   October 21-28, 2017




Open to all certified SCUBA divers!


Buddy Dive on Dominica at the Fort Young Hotel is the ideal place for your dive holiday! Join Dive Adddicts on this amazing dive trip, perfect for the family of divers! The oceanfront Hotel & Dive shop are located at the heart of our island’s historic capital Roseau which makes Dominica’s finest heritage hotel the perfect place to stay.

Info about the diving on Dominica-
+Visibility averages over 80 feet (24 meters) year round!
+Water temperatures vary from a high of 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) from July through December to 76 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) from January through June.
+The reefs are made up of volcanic formations of ledges, crevices and swim throughs. These formations give refuge to a myriad of small critters considered rare in other destinations. Seahorses and frogfish are common and almost guaranteed sightings for divers on a weeklong package. Other rarer critters like batfish, flying gurnards, yellow head jawfish, upside-down jelly fish and flamingo tongue snails can be found if you carefully search the reefs.

Sounds like diving heaven right? 


   What is included:

  • Ocean Front Room - 2 Double or 1 King bed (cable TV, mini fridge, wifi, safety box)
  • Fort Young Hotel - spa, gym, pool, yoga
  • 5 days of 2 tank boat diving
  • Whale watching tour (resident sperm whales)
  • Day excursions to screws spa (hot water spring)
  • Day excursion to 2 waterfalls (Titou George and Trafalgar Falls)
  • Breakfast daily
  • $75 food credit per room at on site restaurant
  • Marine park fee



    What is NOT included:

  • Night diving $70.00 each
  • Nitrox $100 per week
  • Flights  



  • Single $1988.00
  • Double $1389.00 Per Person
  • Non-Diver $824.00 (based on dbl. occ.)


$500 per person non refundable deposit to hold spot



Training Available prior to the trip (call 801-572-5111 for more info):

Deep Diver
Advanced Adventure
Although these certs are not required, they are definitely recommended!



If you have questions or want to discuss the trip with others going, visit:

 Or contact Gwen Thornton:


proper proninciation: DOM-i-NEE-kÉ™ 
(has nothing to do with the Dominican Republic) :)