HammerHead CCR

The HammerHead rebreather is one of the most advanced closed circuit mixed gas rebreather in the commercial rebreathing market to date. Innovative, functional and effective, it is the obvious choice for a technical diver’s eCCR. Dive Addicts has trained HammerHead divers from all over the world including all over the USA, Poland, England, France, Italy, South Korea, Australia and more.

HammerHead Extreme

When you need the real thing, you dive with a HammerHead Rebreather.

Expedition Grade Rebreathers featuring world-renowned Juergensen Marine electronics. Designed and built to deliver consistent performance in the most demanding underwater environments, the HammerHead CCR is the go-to rebreather used by serious explorers around the globe.

HammerHead Rebreathers are all about personal choice, making it truly the world’s most flexible rebreather. Choose from eCCR, mCCR and hCCR models, with over the shoulder counter lungs, top of shoulder counter lungs or back mounted counter lungs. Additionally, choose from various sized units designed for true exploration or light-weight versions for easy travel. With 3 different size radial scrubbers to choose from, the diver calls the shots as to how much sorb he or she wants to carry. We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” mentality. Our divers’ needs and desires come first, and as a company we are committed to delivering the right unit designed to each individual’s needs and specifications. Available worldwide exclusively from SubGravity as well as fine dive retailers and instructors worldwide, HammerHead Rebreathers earn respect by divers and explorers looking for simply the industry’s finest expedition grade rebreather.


Key Features of the HammerHead CCR: 

  • Compact design
  • Pre Scrubber O2 Injection
  • Industry unique Quick Bayonet mount
  • Quick disconnect tank hostlers
  • 3 Primary O2 sensor cells, standard
  • Primary, Secondary, DIVA options, standard
  • 4th O2 sensor cell with additional eCCR Monitor output, standard
  • 3 Canister, 2 Scrubber and 5 lung options, standard
  • Built in O2 filter protection for solenoid
  • Easily replaceable solenoid
  • Replaceable banana block for o2 sensor connections
  • Ultra reliable HH ADV and Manual Add Valves
  • The HammerHead CCR also makes it easy to add any third party monitoring computers as a tertiary ppO2 monitor.  The 4th O2 cell and spare output comes standard on all HH CCR Heads


Course Available on the HammerHead CCR:


Buyer responsible for seeking and receiving the proper training before use - call +1 801-572-5111  or EMAIL US for more info.