Flex CCR

The Flex is designed primarily as a side mount rebreather. It is very versatile and can be configured in many different ways.

Review the options carefully as there are many choices. 

All options come standard with the following features:

  • New Medium Size Golem Radial scrubber (5.5 lbs)

  • Golem closable OPV on bottom of scrubber canister

  • Diaphragm based ADV on CCR top plate

  • Removable sensor carriage

The options that come with electronics include the following:

  • MAVs (1 dil and 1 oxy)

  • Rubber breathing hoses, 22 inch (2)

  • SM DSV (w/ 90 degree and straight adapters)

  • Wiring harness to connect sensors (Molex)

  • LP hoses (3, may need more depending on final configuration)

The options with no electronics come as a base unit, plus your counter lung choice. Items NOT included with the no electronics options:

  • MAVs (2 needed)

  • Leaky valve / CMF orifice (1 needed)

  • Breathing hoses, 22 inch (2 needed)

  • SM DSV or Shrimp BOV (1 needed)

  • Wiring harness to connect sensors (1 needed)

  • LP hoses (3+ needed, depending on configuration)

Courses Available on the Flex CCR:

Buyer responsible for seeking and receiving the proper training before use - call +1 801-572-5111  or EMAIL US for more info.

Flex Rebreathers in Tank Cave from Richard Harris on Vimeo.