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Rebreathers open up an entirely new world of diving. Dive addicts offers a range of training courses in proper use, as well as rebreathers and parts for sale. As the only Utah rebreather diving experts, it is our passion to help others learn the necessary skills and get the best equipment to begin--or continue--their own underwater adventures. In fact, our training is so saught after, that our rebreather instructors are often flown around the world to train the most demanding divers.



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With three in-house rebreather instructor trainers, we can take you from CCR Diver to CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor and everything in between!

Air Diluent CCR Diver

Air Diluent Deco CCR Diver

Mixed Gas Dilluent CCR Diver

Advanced Mixed Gas Dilluent CCR Diver

CCR Cave