Technical Diving Courses

A dive in which the diver doesn’t have immediate access to the surface is referred to as technical diving. This type of diving requires specialized equipment and training. Dive Addicts offers Utah Technical Diving classes--and teach around the world--for any level of expertise, from just learning to perfecting your skills for more demanding dives.

Upcoming Intro to Tech Course - Feb 5th

Tried and true, open circuit tech diving courses provide for the quickest and easiest transition for an open diver to begin their adventure and take the plunge into tech diving.  With some of the most experienced instructors in the world, Dive Addicts can take you from zero to hero and any where in between.


Rebreather Courses

Enter the silent world of rebreathers: Little or no bubbles, warm and moist breathing gas, 6 hour run times, lighter equipment, constant PO2 and more!  Dive Addicts rebreather instructors have been diving rebreathers since before most divers ever heard of them... come join the dark side!



Cave Diving

Do the dark recesses of a WWII shipwreck entice your sense of adventure?  How about cave diving in a vast and complex system of passageways that have been flooded for the last few thousand years?  Overhead environments require special equipment and training.  Come learn how to explore safely.


Most tech divers also enjoy learning more about how to service their own equipment and blend their own mixes... if not for enjoyment then out of necessity.  Come let the expert instructors at Dive Addicts teach you how to SAFELY and effectively prepare your equipment and breathing gases for tech diving.



Upcoming Intro to Tech Course - Feb 5th