Advanced Diver Program

Advanced Diver Certification

Advanced Certification Rating
Information: Advanced Diver Certification is a rating achieved once special requirements are met. This is not an actual course
Pre-requisites: Open Water; 25 logged dives; 4 specialties.
Specialties can be completed at any time, and any 4 specialties are eligible.
Min. Age: 10 yrs

*Not a course

The SDI-Advanced Diver Development Program requires OW students to take four (4) SDI specialties, along with having a total of twenty-five (25) logged dives. SDI feels a diver will truly be "Advanced" upon completion of this certification level.
To earn your Advanced Diver certification you must complete four specialty courses and have logged 25 dives. The Advanced Diver certification may be obtained at any time, following the required # of logged dives and specialty course completed. Specialties may be taken concurrently with one another, and count towards the required 25 logged dives.

This program is not an actual course and will not consist of training; rather a certification level in the SDI Training Program, after requirements are fulfilled.

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