Drysuit Rentals

We currently have 9 Drysuit Rentals at our disposal in sizes ranging from Small to 2XL.  All of our Rental Drysuits are in great condition and ready to use!

For our rental program, we use Bare's Tech Dry suits with latex wrist and neck seals.


Prerequisites for Rental
-You must fill out our Rental Form and Liability Release.
-You must fill out a “scars and scratches form” that outlines any issues on the Drysuit. You are responsible for bringing this suit back in similar condition.
-You must leave a credit card on file for damage or loss.
-You must be at least 18 years old, or your legal guardian must be responsible for the Drysuit.
-You must be Drysuit Scuba Diver certified or diving with an instructor who is trained to teach Drysuit certification.
-You may be asked to do a check out in our indoor pool prior to using it in the open water.
-You must try on the Drysuit prior to leaving the shop.


There are NO Refunds for rented drysuits for any reason.

Drysuit Rental Rate

First day - $125 (24 hour period)


Additional days - $50


3 Day Drysuit - $225 per 3 days (72 hour period)


7 Day Drysuit - $425 per 7 days (168 hour period)



Please note there is a $10 fee to modify your Regulator to accommodate drysuit inflation hoses.

Drysuit Rental includes (1) drysuit, (1) undergarment, (1) unconnected inflator hose

Please remember to hang suit upside down after cleaning.

You are responsible for returning your drysuit clean and in the same condition as it was rented to you.