Many people know that technical diving, cave diving in particular, is my passion. It is what I lie awake at night thinking about. Many people also ask "what is there to see?" I decided to start finding (and hopefully shooting) some videos that would help express the absolute awe that some of these dives can inspire. Keep in mind that the video cannot adequately express how cool tech diving is, but it is as close as we can get while still on the internet! Utopia Cave (Sardinia) from Slawek Packo on Vimeo.
One of the biggest (widest) caves I was diving in. And not only in few parts but the cave is huge nearly everywhere. It starts in sea bottom at the depth of 12m with vertical shaft to about 30m. Then huge, horizontal passage continues. We swam 40 min in and as it is seen on video cave was big all the way. Average depth was around 35m, with max at 45m. Later on it drops to over 100m (but we were not there). We did just one dive to do that video. Quite powerful light Ana was carnying (Halcyon 200watt HMI) was absolutely not enough to light that cave. So we are going to be back there with more divers and more lights.