Underwater diving began in earnest about 60 years ago. It was a sport for relatively few curious and adventurous individuals. Today, it is a massive industry with many thousands of divers diving for different reasons.

Some divers are professionally employed for such purposes as oil exploration and offshore construction. Others dive for recreational pursuits like wreck diving or ice diving.

Occupational types of diving include: dive guide touring, dive training, military diving, dive search and rescue, lifeguard diving, crabbing, pearl diving, ship wreck salvage, underwater fishing, mine and bomb clearance, and underwater welding.

Types of diving that use underwater photography for an occupation or field of study include: professional underwater photography (for films, magazines and other publications), marine biology, underwater archeology (as with the Titanic), hydrology, geology, and oceanography.

Finally, diving for pleasure comes in several varieties including: standard scubadiving, wreck diving, ice diving, cave diving, and deep diving. Additionally, underwater photography is a hobby and personal pursuit of many recreational divers.