The following is a description of Dive Addicts' store policy regarding training courses and certification. A deposit of $75.00 (included as part of the total course fee) must be paid to reserve a place in the class and class size is limited depending on the course taught.

Due to the limitation of space in certification courses, deposits to hold space are non-refundable. If a customer cancels his reservation and wants to reschedule to another scheduled course within 6 months, their $75.00 may be transferred. If the customer cancels: within one week before class start date; does not want to reschedule; does not reschedule within 6 months; or withdraws from training within the first day of class without medical or legal reason; deposit will not be refunded. Customers who can not complete a certification course due to medical or legal reasons will be refunded the full amount paid if they withdraw by the first day of class.

Customers are not guaranteed certification with Dive Addicts and payment for the course will not be returned if the customer has attended all training classes. Refund of partial course payment will be prorated depending on amount of training received. If the customer withdraws during academic and pool training, the amount of the Open Water training will be refunded. If the customer completes all portions of the course and does not meet requirements for certification (i.e., instructor discretion, withdraws during Open Water training) no portion of course payment will be refunded. Instructors may offer to continue working with a student until they pass requirements for certification, however, extensive time needed, as defined by the instructor, may qualify for additional private instruction fees.

If a student can not complete scheduled training sessions, private instruction fees may apply. Under the instructor’s discretion, a missed training session or extra time required may warrant private instruction fees. If the student can not attend the scheduled Open Water training dates, student will be rescheduled at a time convenient to Dive Addicts, the instructor and the student. If, for any reason, the student requires private instruction to meet time restrictions, private fees may apply. Pricing for Open Water certification is based on public courses with a minimum of 4 and no more than 8 students per class with pre-scheduled training dates. Groups of 4 or more may arrange custom training dates with instructor at no additional charge. There is no price discount for certification until the maximum of 8 students per one group is reached, then a group discount may be given.