A group of about 25 participants had a great time down at Fish Lake for our 1st Annual DA Spearfishing Extravaganza.

Since it was more of a friendly competition that a tournament, we had prizes for everyone for various achievements. Also we weighed all the fish but didn't necessarily have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Here are a few notable awards (and the weights that I can remember): Most fish - John Vail Largest rough fish - Bruce Boyd (Baja Bruce) - Good sized carp which also won the UGLIEST FISH Largest game fish - Merrill Bone - 15 oz Brown Trout - it was still 15oz after it was gutted! Someone was excited to eat this fish. Smallest fish - Nate Knight - 1 oz Yellow Perch Youngest participant - Jackson Carter Best recovery diver - Blaine Carter -found another participants lost Mares Phantom gun Best fish tale - It was a tie between a couple people - good stories all around... Staring Tiger Muskies eye to eye, Rainbow Trout galore etc etc Best salvage diver - Mike Ross -recovered some piece of ice fishing equipment? We also had prizes for the most species, most stoned fish etc etc. We ended up with extra prizes at the end to just hand out to everybody! We also had at least 5 participants that shot their fist fish ever! Special congrats to those divers. We had about 25 participants- split pretty evenly between free and SCUBA divers. We had prizes donated by Dive Addicts, Mares, Freestyle & Beuchat - a special thanks to those companies for helping us put on the event. We were able to give away gun bags, a watch, shirts, hats, gift certificates, dry bags and more. A great time all around. I will be planning our event next year much further ahead of time in hopes that we can include more people. It will eb the same format- very informal and fun for everyone, both novice and pro. We encourage first timers to come and shoot with all of us!   [gallery]