Snorkel baby!
My daughter (age 3) had her first snorkel lesson in the ocean a couple of months ago. She has mastered snorkeling in the pool and she was excited to see some fish. She was adorable in her gear and she saw a yellow sting ray, a trumpet fish and a few other little fish. She was thrilled. We were in a very calm little swimming area and she had a great time!
A few tips for snorkeling with a kid-
  1. Get them very comfortable in the water. They should be strong swimmers and/or wear a flotation device. They should always be supervised by an adult and kept in calm water.
  2. Practice in the pool and bathtub. Kids love to try out the mask and snorkel.
  3. Practice swimming with fins.
  4. Make sure the mask fits well. It should be able to seal onto their face with a gentle inhale and no strap.
  5. Show them how to clear a snorkel by blowing into the mouthpiece.
  6. Explain that the snorkel must poke out of the water and make sure the snorkel is long enough for someone who doesn't float well.
  7. Take a quick snorkeling class with a Dive Addicts instructor. It may seem silly to some, but there are actually right and wrong ways of snorkeling. Even experienced snorkelers can learn something from the snorkeling course Dive Addicts