Q: What does it take to get certified to SCUBA dive? A: Dive Addicts offers a choice of group and private schedules with the opportunity to learn either in the classroom or online. After personal academic study (traditional book, or online options), class lecture and skill training in our indoor heated pool, you’ll have two days to complete 4 Open Water checkout dives which may be completed at a local lake or on your vacation.
Q: What if I am nervous about signing up for an Open Water class? A: Dive Addicts offers Scuba Discovery classes for $25 which provide the opportunity to come try scuba diving in the pool with an instructor. Please call the store to schedule an appointment.
Q: How long will it take to complete my Open Water course? A: You can certify in as little as 3-4 days on a private basis, or two weeks in a group class, depending on your learning ability. In general, there is about 16 hours of classroom and pool training plus two days for the 4 open water checkout dives. Call us or check our Class Schedule.

Q: How long will my certification last? A: An Open Water certification is a lifetime certification. You won’t need to re-certify, however, it is recommended to keep practicing your skills and continue learning.
Q: What is the minimum age to get certified to SCUBA dive? A: The minimum age is 10 years old to be certified as a Junior Open Water Diver. Junior Open Water Divers must dive with a certified parent or professional until age 15, then they can upgrade to an Open Water Diver status. Our Future Buddies program has a minimum age of 8 years old and allows children to learn basic skills in a pool only.
Q: How do I sign up? A: Call or come in when you’re ready to sign up for a schedule that works for you; a deposit of $75 will hold your spot. The balance may be paid before class begins and will be prorated if training is not completed within one year from start date. Payment does not guarantee certification. Read our Training Refund Policy for more details.
Q: What do I need to bring the first night of class? A: Most class schedules will include time in the classroom and pool the first night. Study material should be read and students should bring their personal snorkel equipment (e.g. mask, snorkel, fins and booties), bathing suit, towel and other personal items. Food and drink is allowed in the classroom but not the pool area. Please see our Before You Begin Checklist to make sure you are ready.
Q: Are there any exams to study for? A: There are no exams in the classroom. Most students are found to quickly forget information they only study for a test. The SDI/TDI method of scuba certification focuses on modern methods of academic learning and hands-on training with more time spent in the pool learning and practicing real-life skills.

Q: What if I have a medical condition, can I still learn to scuba dive?
A: The SDI Medical Form will need to be completed to begin scuba training. If you answer “YES” to any item, it may effect your diving and we require a SDI Physicians Sign Off Form. Talk to you physician if you have any questions.
Q: Will my certification be accepted on my trip to another country? A: YES, you’ll earn a SDI/TDI certification which is one of the fastest growing, widely recognized agencies in the world. Your certification will be accepted anywhere you choose to travel.
Q: What if I want to do my open water check out dives while on my vacation? A: You can complete the classroom and pool training with us at Dive Addicts and your open water dives during your vacation. Our instructors simply give you a referral form you take along with a copy of your medical questionnaire. Once you’ve found a place to dive on your vacation, give the new instructor your referral form and they can complete your training.
Q: What if I have a tight schedule? A: Dive Addicts offers several flexible options to aid you in getting your scuba certification. Classroom, pool and open water dives can be done on a private basis or with a group. Completely private training for one person is $600 and for two is $500 each. Group classes of 4 minimum are $300 ea. but any portion of the training can be individually arranged for an additional charge. Call Dive Addicts for specific pricing and customize your own training schedule.
Q: How many students are in a group class? A: Open Water courses will have 8 students maximum.
Q: What if I miss a class? A: All classes must be attended in order and we appreciate every student coming early to their scheduled time so other students are not held up. If you need to be late, can not attend a scheduled class, or do not have the material prepared, arrangements must be made with your instructor to make up the material before the next scheduled class. Private class/pool make-up fee is an additional $45 ea. and will be scheduled between you and the instructor.
Q: Where can I dive after I’m certified? A: An Open Water certification enables you to dive in any environment where you can safely ascend directly to the surface. This means you cannot engage in penetration diving such as wreck diving, cave and cavern diving, ice diving, or diving that requires decompression stops without additional training. Always dive within the limits of your training and experience. For a list of local areas to dive in Utah, check out Scuba Sites in Utah.
Q: How do I practice after my Open Water training? A: Dive Addicts strongly encourages our students to continue learning knowledge and skills which will help them become more confident divers. Our students may come use our pool FREE for one month after their class. A low fee of $20 ea. will let you dive in our pool for the day after that initial month. Come dive with us at the Crater anytime, join a Social Dive-Along or attend our Dive Addicts Anonymous Meetings to stay fresh with your diving skills.
Q: What if I’m certified but haven’t been diving for a long time? A: Depending on your experience, it’s recommended to take a Refresher Course with an instructor to review your skills and knowledge if it has been an extended amount of time since you’ve been diving.
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