Ludocivo Mares, founder of a world leading company in diving equipment, started producing his own designs in masks and spear guns in 1949. Determined to make a quality change in diving products, he started out with a little factory in Rapollo.

Based in Italy, the Mares company of today is one of the best-known producers of diving technology. Continually striving to improve the diving experience, Mares steadily beats competitors to new ideas, technologies, and improvements for diving products.

One factor that sets Mares apart from its competitors is its dedication to studying and seeking newer and better materials for diving products. The company’s mission is to “Enjoy diving with advanced performance through superior technology.”

One example of Mares’ innovation in diving materials is called “LiquidSkin.” In manufacturing this exclusive material, Mares uses a bi-silicone construction. In testing, it is 270% more flexible and 45% softer than other silicone diving materials.

Another example is the LCD display using Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology. Mares managed to be the first to put smartphone technology into their dive computers. Mares continues to surprise the diving world with their innovations, and 60 years strong, they're not slowing down.