Hollis Explorer Sport RebreatherDive Addicts has long been recognized as one of the world's leading rebreather training facilities. With 3 in-house rebreather instructors, 2 of whom are instructor trainers, Dive Addicts can provide training from the Open water level all the way to Advanced Mix Gas Instructor on several different rebreather units. Because of the Dive Addicts instructors' reputations, Hollis has trusted Dive Addicts to be Utah's exclusive dealer, training facility and service center for their new Explorer Sport Rebreather. Available mid 2012 (hopefully!), Dive Addicts will receive some of the first units available and will begin demo days and courses ASAP. To keep informed on the progress of the Explorer Sport Rebreather, follow Dive Addicts on Facebook, or sign up for the Dive Addicts email list. Here is a video from our friend Curt, from Rebreather World & Advanced Diver Magazine. eXplorer Sport Rebreather from Hollis from Curt Bowen on Vimeo.