In 1988, Ed Betts and Dick Rutkowski founded American Nitrox Divers, Inc. now known as ANDI. The goal of their new company was to standardize the training of sport divers and instructors. Also, they wished to hone and solidify the procedures for refill station dispensing for Enriched Air Nitrox Diving.

Rutkowski was the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Deputy Diving Coordinator and served NOAA for a total of 33 years. He retired from this service in 1985, three years before co-founding ANDI.

Rutkowski is credited with introducing “Nitrox Diving” training to the sport diver industry in 1987. He did this with his business called IAND. Not to be outdone, his founding partner has an extensive history of his own. Betts co-founded Island Scuba Centers, Inc. in 1968 in New York. He and his family ran what was, at the time, a very rare high-tech dive center for 29 years. As a practical engineer, he developed his own specialty gas production and delivery systems and hyperbaric chambers.

Although ANDI’s founders separated, the company now serves 68 countries and counting. ANDI’s training manuals come in a number of languages including Italian, Hebrew, English, Dutch, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Japanese, and Chinese. The company continues to expand around the globe as one of the top diver training companies in the world.