One of the many reasons we love HammerHead Rebreathers and the team that builds them; innovation. The Dive Addicts rebreather team has been diving the HammerHead since it's inception and has loved every moment of it. In fact, Randy was a part of the first group of instructors made in the world. We always look forward to new versions, adaptations and upgrades for the HammerHead. Here is a video from DEMA 2011, by our friend Curt from Rebreather World & Advanced Diver Magazine, showing the latest from the HammerHead team.

Hammerhead FLEX Sidemount Rebreather from Curt Bowen on Vimeo.

HammerHead CCR Deco
Randy, Michael & Josh decompress after a dive to about 300 FSW on their HammerHead CCRs - 2009