Mark Leonard and Lamar Hires started Dive Rite in 1984. Both men were underwater cave explorers and cave diving instructors living in northern Florida. At the time, cave divers typically tried to adapt standard diving products or make their own to handle the unique environment of underwater caves.

Leonard and Hires wanted to change that. They began the development of technical diving gear with the founding of the very first technical dive gear company. Some of their first inventions were the canister light and the Classic Wing, making a name for Dive Rite and changing the way many people approached the diving experience.

The first company to come out with a Nitrox-compatible computer, Dive Rite launched the “Bridge” in 1991. 5 years later, another brand new innovation was the TransPac harness. Around this time, Dive Rite had only 13 products.

Today, Dive Rite is a worldwide producer of diving products, selling to 23 countries around the globe. With now over 300 products, Dive Rite continually seeks to develop new technologies to offer cave diving enthusiasts.

One of these innovations is the O2ptima FX, an electronically driven rebreather that has a fully closed circuit and constant PO2, with a built-in decompression. This facilitates cave exploration, in which immediately getting back to the surface is not an option. Dive Rite encourages education and conservation as it strives for a safer and more focused cave diving experience.