News & Links : Catalina Trip '10 Review

Dive Addicts has returned home from their little weekend excursion to Catalina Island, CA with stories and tips to share. Despite a day of boat diving where every diver was as green as the sea, everyone had a great time! Be sure to check out more photos on our Dive Addicts Facebook Fan Page here.

We arrived in Avalon, Catalina Island and walked to Catalina Scuba Luv to announce our arrival on Friday. Some Dive Addicts couldn’t wait to get wet and went shore diving off of Casino Point that same evening. There were no other divers in site as we stayed for a couple night dives to take advantage of all the marine park had to offer.

Saturday morning, everyone loaded onto the King Neptune for a 3 tank day of boat diving. With the live-a-board experience of eat, dive, sleep, dive, eat…we were also excited to see two different species of dolphins and enjoy a tour of the island. Unlike the live-a-board lifestyle, however, we docked in the late afternoon and returned to our hotel rooms for a shower and enjoyable evening at dinner. Sunday, some Dive Addicts returned to Casino Point to shore dive while others ventured to the elusive Farnsworth Bank. You can ask which Dive Addicts had more fun.

Boat diving on Sunday proved challenging, but rewarding. In true Dive Addicts’ style, everyone toughed out the motion sickness and cold without complaint. As soon as we lay anchor, everyone raced for the water hoping to see the treasures of Farnsworth Bank and alleviate the sea sickness. This was definitely a dive that Dive Addicts will have to return to with doubles and deco bottles to spend more time and appreciate everything to see! Tips for future boat dives: bring your favorite motion sickness remedy, warm clothes and a sense of adventure because not every dive is like the tropics or Utah diving.

Thank you to all who made this trip as fun and friendly as it was! We’re sure to return soon for another weekend getaway if anyone else wants to come see the kelp beds and put on that 7mm or dry suit.