Doug Toth and Dean Garraffa founded Atomic Aquatics with the introduction of their first diving product. Their T1 Regulator was the world’s first Titanium regulator. The diving world was truly impressed and, from that day, began using the T1 regulator to set the bar for other regulators.

The T1 came with more than one innovative feature. The lightweight titanium material was only one of these features. The “seat-saving” orifice and the Automatic Flow Control (AFC) were other aspects that lifted this regulator above the rest.

Since then, Atomic Aquatics has not stopped pursuing the newest and greatest in regulator technology. Their regulators continually drive the competition forward in innovation and quality. They now sell a variety of regulators for divers with different skill levels and diving budgets.

In addition, the company has made a name for itself with its “SplitFins,” a product that, like the T1, took the competition by storm. SplitFins continue to win awards and knock out other companies’ fins when compared in performance testing.

This drive for excellence is a passion of the founders. Atomic Aquatics works hard to develop new technologies and ideas for diving products. They rigorously test each new product to ensure the highest performance standards. Dean Garraffa was quoted as saying, “If we can’t design a product to be the best in its category, then we won’t build it.”