Bob Hollis started scuba diving in the earliest stages of the sport, during the 1950s. All the beautiful sights underwater led him into underwater photography. A mechanical engineer, he was able to make his own equipment to accomplish this.

He started making the equipment in the back of his sporting goods store, the Anchor Shack. Divers and other customers started asking for his homemade equipment, quickly turning into a mail order business.

In 1972, he founded American Underwater Products under the business name of Oceanic. Several sister companies have been founded by Hollis, to continue marketing a variety of diving products and lines.

It wasn’t until 1998 when Hollis created Aeris, to focus on the development of diving computers. The goal of the new company was to raise the bar in both the technology and features of diving computers.

Today, Aeris sells a variety of scuba and snorkeling equipment. And their goal has broadened to raise the standards of diving equipment. They continually seek to make improvements on current underwater products in form, function, and value.