The 3rd Annual Dive-a-Thon was a huge success! We had more participants than the previous 2 years and even more exciting dives to talk about. Prizes were donated by various manufacturers and Dive Addicts, who organizes and hosts the event every summer. [caption id="attachment_262" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Good times during the Dive-a-Thon"][/caption] The Dive-a-Thon was a concept developed by Dive Addicts a few years back to help encourage local divers to get out and dive! By turning the event into a friendly competition, Dive Addicts has helped 60+ local Utah divers log more dives than ever the last 3 years. Prizes range from a bottle of defog to a 7 day dive vacation to Papua New Guinea. [caption id="attachment_265" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The 2 grand prize winners! Very happy indeed."][/caption] The 3rd Annual Dive-a-Thon was held from April 16th - Sept 10th, 2011 with the awards ceremony held during our 9th Anniversary event. This year, the 2 grand prizes were a $500 Dive Addicts travel gift certificate, and a 1 year training subscription to Dive Addicts courses! If you weren't able to participate this year make sure you get signed up for the DA email list to be notified of the events next summer. It should only get better from here on out! Lets get out and dive! Here are some pictures from and of the happy winners and participants: [gallery order="DESC"] A special thanks to the Dive-a-Thon sponsors who provided prizes at the beginning and end of the 3rd Annual Dive-a-Thon!
  • Dive Addicts
  • Henderson
  • Atomic Aquatics
  • Mares
  • Aqua Lung
  • Deep See
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN)
  • Stahl Sac
  • Freestyle Watches
  • Sea Dive
  • McNett
  • South Valley Motorsports


to all the participants of the 3rd Annual Dive-a-Thon - See you again next year!