Josh Thornton

Josh on HammerHead Rebreather 

Josh started diving in 1997. He obtained his Open Water certification in Cozumel, Mexico and has been hooked ever since. Josh loves to share his passions with others, which is why he became an instructor in 2003. He continued his diving education by training with the TDI & SDI headquarters to become an Instructor Trainer. Josh's favorite part about teaching is watching students succeed and seeing their smiles underwater (even though their masks usually leak because of this).

Josh's passion lies in teaching technical diving. He enjoys teaching Cave, Wreck, Closed Circuit Rebreathers, Trimix and everything in between. Josh likes every type of diving, but loves the world of diving that a tech diver has access to. Most recently Josh has become an instructor for Freediving Instructors International (FII). Althought is seems the exact opposite of tech diving, Josh loves the natural form of freediving that allows divers to explore the beauty of the underwater world on one breath, without the encumbrance of or investment in expensive equipment.

Josh also loves to travel to various locations around the world to teach classes to students who demand the highest quality training. If the conditions permit he is always willing to do a dive no matter how "good" or "bad" the site might be.

Josh is an Instructor Trainer for TDI & SDI and also an instructor for ANDI, IANTD & FII. He is the Director of Training for Dive Addicts- his job is to ensure that Dive Addicts provides the highest quality training no matter what level course is being taught.

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Josh Sidemounting in Little River Cave System


  • Josh Thornton
  • TDI & SDI Instructor Trainer #8156
  • ANDI Instructor #8261
  • IANTD Instructor #7762
  • FII Instructor #41

Favorite Type of diving:

  • CCR Cave diving 
  • Freedive Spearfishing

Most Memorable Dives:

Favorite Fish:

  • Juvenile Spotted Drum (to look at)
  • Ulua (to hunt and eat!)

Diving Education:

  • 1997 - PDIC Jr. Open Water
  • 1999 - PADI Adv. Open Water Diver
  • 2001 - SDI Nitrox Diver
  • 2001 - SDI Rescue Diver
  • 2003 - SDI Divemaster
  • 2003 - SDI Instructor 
  • 2003 - TDI Nitrox Instructor
  • 2004 - Full Cave Diver
  • 2005 - TDI Adv. Nitrox Instructor
  • 2005 - TDI Deco Procedures Instructor
  • 2008 - SDI / TDI Instructor Trainer 
  • 2009 - ANDI CCR L2 Instructor
  • 2009 - TDI CCR Air Dil Instructor 
  • 2009 - TDI CCR Air Dil Deco Instructor
  • 2010 - IANTD Cavern & Intro to Cave Instructor
  • 2010 - TDI Cavern & Intro to Cave Instructor 
  • 2010 - ANDI L3 Technical CCR Instructor
  • 2010 - ANDI L3 Technical Trimix CCR Instructor
  • 2010 - TDI CCR Instructor Trainer
  • 2011 - TDI Full Cave Instructor
  • 2011 - TDI CCR Cave Instructor
  • 2011 - IANTD CCR Cave Instructor
  • 2011 - TDI Adv Mixed Gas CCR Instructor Trainer
  • 2012 - FII Level 1 Freediving Instructor

"Thanks Josh for putting up with me for the week. I passed! I think I make a good choice with the Hammerhead, but, I KNOW I made an excellent choice choosing you as my instructor. In my line of work I get a lot of training, you're one of the best instructors I have had by far. I'd like to also give a BIG Texas thanks to the whole Dive Addicts staff for making me feel at home, and helping me with some last minute gear selections. After I get some time on the unit, I'll be back for more."

Bay City, TX
HammerHead CCR


"If you're looking for a way to expand your diving knowledge – and fun – and feel more comfortable, confident, and competent in the water then progressing in your training is a sure way to go. A key to learning the most and learning well is having a good instructor, someone who's knowledgeable and experienced, a good teacher with the patience to motivate and teach. Josh is a great teacher. He's very knowledgeable with considerable experience to share and communication skills to make dive knowledge very understandable and fun! Josh's skills are complete, practicing what he teaches and it shows!"

Park City, Utah
Dry Suit Diver, Intro to Tech,
Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures


"Having completed cave, deco procedures, and trimix courses as comparisons, I can say Josh Thornton is a well qualified and knowledgeable CCR Instructor who certainly knows the ins and outs of the CCR. He easily answered all questions I had. The class was also well planned and organized. Plus anything I forgot or needed, he had extras, or knew where and how to quickly get it. I would definitely recommend Josh to anyone considering CCR training in the future.

Thanks again Josh, and safe diving."

Hinckley, Ohio
HammerHead CCR, CCR Cave